There are many different aircraft featured in SGAS, from stealthy high performance fighters, to prop legends of WWII. Every aircraft in SGAS has 3 variants to fit each player's flying style, each with a unique warpaint. Here's the rundown on these variants.

Normal Variant (No ending letter) Edit

These aircraft are normally the fastest and most maneuverable of the 3 aircraft variants. Many CTF players prefer to use these aircraft because of their slightly higher speed and maneuverability. These are considered as the all-rounder variant of the aircraft, suitable for players who want to learn how to exploit a certain aircraft's certain qualities, before moving on to the damage or armor-oriented variants.

Damage Variant (D-Variant) Edit

Suited for those who have more of an offense/attack oriented flying style, the D-variant aircraft are made to deal as much damage to opponents as possible, at the slight cost of armor, reliability, speed, and occasionally, flares. Players using the D-variants want to open fire as much as they can on enemies, but they must avoid taking as much damage as possible, due to their weaker armor.

Armor Variant (A-Variant) Edit

Sometimes, the A-Variant aircraft are needed for certain tasks, such as carrying the flag in CTF, or gamemodes like Survival and FFA. A-Variant aircraft prioritize armor and reliability over speed and weaponry, and most of the time they also have a few extra flares, making them a good choice for endurance players. Many beginners prefer these aircraft since the armor upgrade allows them to stay alive for a little longer.



Currently, there are two WWII aircraft featured in SGAS. As expected of a typical WWII fighter, they are prop aircraft that are only fitted with guns. One would have to take extra caution around AA defenses however, as these aircrafts' relatively low speed coupled with light armor is very weak against their fire. However, these fighters can deal a lot of damage with their guns, and are quite dangerous in the right hands.

P51 Edit

Based on the North American P-51 Mustang, this prop fighter is more of an all-rounder, unlike its Japanese counterpart, which focuses on damage. The faster of the two, the P51 is recommended for WWII only CTF and DTB, as it can outrun the A6M. Generally more damage-resistant as well compared to the A6M.

A6M Edit

Based on the Mitsubishi A6M Reisen "Zero", this fighter trades armor for exemplary maneuverability and good firepower. Considerably slower than its counterpart, although could easily outturn it. Recommended for players who prefer dogfighting other players as opposed to carrying main roles such as capturing or destroying in WWII only CTF or DTB.

Basic Edit

The Basic class is the first class of aircraft that a new player begins to unlock when they start the game. Consisting of mediocre, all-rounder planes, they are pretty decent aircraft on their own, although one would need to upgrade to aircraft of higher classes, as these lack the agility required to engage in competitive dogfights, or to dodge missiles.


A strong, capable all-rounder based on the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, the RF15 has decent agility, paired with good weaponry and armor, making for a good starter aircraft. The fastest of the Basic aircraft, it is a good choice for those who want to start learning how to play CTF. One must avoid engaging with RF16s and RFJ10s however, as a skilled player can easily outturn the RF15 with those two planes.

RF16 Edit

Based on the Lockheed/General Dynamics F-16 Falcon, this fighter is suited for starters who've already gotten the hang of dogfighting, and want to learn more advanced techniques that require a more agile aircraft. RF16s have much more agility than either the RF15, or the RF14, but they lose the race when it comes to speed, so starters using this aircraft are better suited to defense in CTF or DTB. However, this plane along with the RFJ10 are recommended for gamemodes that primarily involve dogfighting.

RF117 Edit

The stealthiest of the Basic aircraft, the RF117 is based on the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk. It's main strength is stealth and it features decent maneuverability, although it's speed and reliability are lacking, so be careful when using this aircraft. It is recommended that you stick with the other Basic aircraft until aircraft of higher classes are unlocked, as some of these aircraft feature great stealth without sacrificing other qualities.

RF14 Edit

The starter aircraft, the RF14 is based on the Grumman F-14 Tomcat, and features decent speed and maneuverability, along with fairly good weaponry and armor. It is recommended to switch to either the RF15, RFJ10, or RF16 once they are unlocked, as the RF14 only has mediocre stats. However, it is still a pretty good all-rounder aircraft.

The Evo class features these jets:


Based on the McDonnell Douglas/Boeing F/A-18 Hornet, this is a rather formidable aircraft, although very slow. It has pretty good maneuverability, and with proper use, it can take out some of the higher tier Evo aircraft. Unlocked by finishing Mission 4 in Campaign 1.



RFS71 in the market

Based on the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, this is a very fast aircraft, capable of hitting Mach 3, although it's acceleration is rather slow. It does have a lot of flares though, especially the A variant, and it is able to defend itself when needed. Good for mid-tier Evo CTF. Unlocked by achievement "Win a CTF Match with More Than 5 Points Without Allowing the Other Team to Get your Flag".


Based on the Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker, this is a nice Evo aircraft for many game modes. It has good maneuverability, and it is perfect for Evo dogfighting. Unlocked by reaching rank Chief Master Sergeant.


Based on the Dassault Rafale/Squall, this, like the RFU27, is a fairly agile aircraft. It's reliability is pretty low though, and it is prone to losing it's radar or weapons systems. Unlocked by reaching rank Second Lieutenant.


Based on the Eurofighter Typhoon, this is one of the best Evo aircraft available. It is able to keep up with some Ace aircraft, so keep this around till you get an even better Evo aircraft or an Ace aircraft. It is a great all around fighter. Unlocked by finishing Challenge 5.


Based on the Panavia Tornado, this is a pretty solid Evo aircraft, able to hold it's own with proper use. Now very fast, although it has good maneuverability. Unlocked by reaching rank First Lieutenant.


Based on the SAAB JAS-39 Gripen, this, like the RF18, is a good aircraft in terms of maneuverability, although it lacks speed. Has slightly better stealth, though. Unlocked by reaching rank Captain.

RFMG31 Edit

Based on the MiG 31 Foxhound, this, like the RFSR71, is a very fast aircraft, although this accelerates much quicker. It lacks agility, but it still has lots of flares, allowing to last in the air for some time. Unlocked by reaching rank Sergeant First Class.


A fictional aircraft designed by the guys at Atypical, this, like the RFMG31, is meant to be a quick interceptor aircraft, suitable for CTF. Not very agile though. You may need cover when attempting to retrieve a flag. Unlocked by reaching rank Sergeant Second Class.


Based on the Boeing X-32, this is pretty much the best Evo aircraft available, with very good maneuverability and lots of flares at the same time. Suitable for many different game modes. It can take out Ace aircraft easily with proper use. Unlocked by achievement "Defeat Mission 25 in Dogfight Mode".


The Ace class features these jets:


Based on the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, this is a solid stealth aircraft, featuring great maneuverability and stealth. Very easy to fly, and is good against other Ace aircraft. A great starter Ace aircraft. Unlocked by reaching rank General.



The RFU37

Based on the Sukhoi SU-37 "Terminator", this is basically a slight upgrade over the RFU27, with greater maneuverability and slightly higher speed. It performs like an RF22 without much of the stealth. Still a good aircraft, though. Unlocked by reaching rank Major General.



RFU47 in mission one

Based on the Sukhoi SU-47/S-32 "Berkut/Golden Eagle", this is one of the best Ace aircraft available, featuring almost unmatched maneuverability, great stealth and speed. A very well balanced aircraft capable of performing well in any game mode, but can be hard to master. Unlocked by reaching rank Lieutenant General.

RF35 Edit

Based on the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, this fighter may be pretty slow for an Ace fighter, but it's maneuverability is just as good as many of the higher tier aircraft, and it also features the fastest dodging speed and acceleration speed in the entire game, allowing it to dodge missiles repeatedly and recover quickly. It also has good armor, so the RF35 works well as a flagrunner wingman or a defender/goalie. Unlocked by finishing Mission 7 in Campaign 1


Based on the Chengdu J-20, this is a larger ace aircraft, meaning that it may take gun damage more easily, but it can still hold its own pretty well. Not very reliable though, so the best variant out of the three would be the RFJ20A, because of its much higher reliability. This is unlocked by reaching Rank Major.


Based on the Mcdonnell Douglas F-15 STOL/MTD, this is another one of the best Ace aircraft. Although it is slower than the RFU47, it has more flares, enabling it to last longer without repairs. Unlocked by finishing Mission 5 in Campaign 2.

Spec Ops Edit

RF26 Edit

Based on the Stavatti F-26 STALMA, this is the most agile aircraft in the game, along with the RFX29. Like the RFX29, it's armor is pretty low for its class, but it can take out other Spec aircraft with skill. Unlocked by finishing Mission 3 in Campaign 2.


A fictional multirole aircraft, this is another aircraft made for pilots who are not used to the sensitivity of the game's controls. It features a great amount of armor and does a great deal of damage, while maintaining speed and good agility. Unlocked by achievement "Neutralize 10000 Enemies Throughout your Career".


Based on the Northrop Grumman Switchblade Concept, this performs very similarly to the normal variant of the RFU47, although it has higher speed but slightly lower armor. Unlocked by achievement "Neutralize 1000 Enemies Throughout your Career".


Based on the fictional F/A-37 Talon II from the movie Stealth, this is the best of the best. Combining great speed and maneuverability with good weapons and armor, this is pretty much what every good pilot will fly in almost any situation. Great for any game mode, and is pretty much superior to any of the other Ace aircraft. A very balanced aircraft. Unlocked by achievement "Defeat the 30th Wave in Survival Mode".


A fictional reconnaissance aircraft, this is the fastest plane in the game, able to hit 3600+ kph. Like the RFSR71, this has pretty slow acceleration and maneuverability, but as an RFA37 pilot or any pilot, I would recommend that you don't let your opponents bring their RFINTD's to full speed, or they will get away pretty easily. watch out for these in CTF, as they can run quickly with your flag, and in LMS, where they can cheat by running from the battlefield, ruining the match and forcing you to crash in order to restart the match. Unlocked by achievement "Defeat Mission 75 in Dogfight Mode".

Proto Edit

UFO01X Edit

"Alien Technology. Codename: Eclipse. To be declassified in 2054." Featured numerous times in Campaign 2. Unlocked by finishing Mission 11 in Campaign 2.


Codenamed Rampage, RMPG was developed by humans with knowledge of alien technology. Less common than the UFO01X, but still as deadly. Unlocked by achievement "Defeat All Missions in Dogfight Mode".

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