The campaign story of SGAS revolves around an international military alliance known as the Sky Gamblers, who fight to protect the world's citizens. The Sky Gamblers are fighting an unknown enemy only known to them as "Panoply", which is revealed to be the front for an alien invasion.

Your Character: Commonly referred to as "Captain" by his wingmen and superiors, the protagonist of the story was originally a (presumably Russian) fighter pilot who flew an RFU47 along with his squadron. Nearing the end of his last "official" mission with his country's air force, he is forced to shoot down his wingmen, who attempt to intercept an allied convoy. Shortly after shooting down his wingmen, he is forced to eject, as a Sky Gamblers SAM truck shoots his aircraft down. After landing, the driver of the jeep explains everything that had been going on recently, and brings him to a nearby airbase, where he can fly to the nearest SG base.

Campaign 1 Edit

New World Disorder

Aircraft: RFU47

Taking off for a sortie to destroy an RFSR71 with important info locked inside, Captain's squadron intercept two convoys with air support, before coming across the enemy airbase with their target. Captain's wingmen disobey orders from base though, and one of them crashes into a nearby building, with the other narrowly avoiding the explosion. Fortunately, the guys at base were able to send in two more pilots to assist with destroying the airbase, so they quickly destroy it. On the return flight, Captain notices a large amount of smoke coming from base, and spots an allied convoy trying to seek refuge. The convoy's leader requests air support for the convoy, and that's when Captain's wingmen decide to turn on him and the convoy. After a brief dogfight, Captain managed to down both his wingmen, and the convoy leader informs him of a nearby airbase where he could refuel at. On his way there though, he realizes someone had fired a SAM at him, and he ejects in the nick of time. On his way down, a jeep appears and the driver gets out, wanting to talk with Captain. Captain complains about how he could've come up with a safer way to get out of the aircraft and talk with him, but the jeep's driver tells him that there is no time to waste, and that something very bad has happened.

New Hope

X finds out that most of SG's bases across the globe have been wiped out. He is told about a surviving base that is nearby, but is warned that there is a heavy enemy presence between him and the base. He uses a P51 to fly to the base, evading the enemy air patrols and destroying an enemy base in the mountains. When X arrives at the base, he is spotted by two enemy aircraft and alla

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