A scorestreak happens when you frag a certain ammount of opponents without dying, for some may be difficult, but for others may be a breeze to obtain these, it all depends on your skill level and the opponent's skills as well, here are the ones that you can obtain:

Double Kill- Frag 2 enemies without dying (exclusive to Rise of Glory)

Triple Kill- Frag 3 enemies without dying

Ultra Kill- Frag 4 enemies without dying

Rampage- Frag 6 enemies without dying

Unstoppable- Frag 8 enemies without dying

Godlike- Frag 10+ enemies without dying

After you achieve Godlike, the announcer, by every frag you obtain, will keep on saying Godlike until you are shot down or the match ends.

After a round finishes and the round resets, your streak will be reset as well, but not your score.

If one bails out, their score streak will be reset, but with no deaths added.

For some pilots, achieving a Godlike is difficult, here are some tips:

-Use a highly maneuverable plane.

The A6M "Zero" suits the players that are always on the move and put their opponents in difficult situations, armor and firepower are not very good.

-Your armament is what makes you obtain streaks, not just the plane on its own.

Use a highly effective combination of weapons, as many people only use the regular machineguns, using these in close quarters combat is not very effective, in mid-range engagements are excellent and fit their role, precise as well, but in C.Q.C. if both pilots are using this weapon, the winner will be determined by the plane's statistics (mostly armor and firepower come into play).

If you can, use a regular machinegun and a Short Range Machinegun, this way, you can be effective in every situation, also using each machinegun separately is recommended in long-mid range combat, but in C.Q.C. You can use both at the same time, be aware of the Short Range Machinegun quick overheating, so be cautious while using that kind of weapon.

Missiles are effective too, but for some Squads, they're not quite welcome, since the pilot using missiles is pitted against another pilot that wants a fare-and-square battle using only machineguns and the pilot's skill, nevertheless, it is effective.

-Firepower is also important, it will determine wether you get a quick frag or not, and that is important.

Be sure to choose a powerful plane in all aspects, a plane that is the strongest in this matter is the FW190 D, sacrificing some armor, speed, agility and reliability, it is a deadly fighter if equipped with short range machineguns.

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