These are the aircraft in SGSR.

P-80 Shooting StarEdit

US jet fighter. Mostly same like the ME 262 but with better damage resistance.

P-80 Shooting Star

P-80 Shooting Star

P-80 D


Horten Ho 229Edit

A experimental flying wing developed by the third Reich during the last month of WWII, it can be a extremly dangerous fighter bomber, due to heavy damage, speed and ability to defend itself. Best to be equipped with high exlosive rockets.

Ho 229

Ho 229

Ho 229 D

Extremely vulnerable because of its handling and repair interval, possibly better for a hit-and-run than alternate specifications if used with high explosive rockets however it would not be expected to last for a extended battle.

Ho 229 A

Has a Higher shielding and repair so should theoretically last longer but weaker attack and less maneuverability making it more of a tank, this however is not a strong plane so using it for strength is not advised for a Strong jet a Vampire or a P80 would work better

Player Specification Advice: Edit

Ive Purchased the Horten and Weapon Packages, im probably not the greatest player but here is what i use:

Horten Ho 229 Regular Spec


Light Machine Gun , Primarily for longer shots

Small Range Machine Gun , Good for head on attacks and for close up pursuits

The average of 3 attempts on normal battles in multiplayer was a 5K-1D


It is the most agile jet until now, making it a deadly fighter, combining speed and maneuverability, this jet can take on almost every plane in the game.

HE 162


HE162 D

Has very low armor stats, but speed and firepower are almost unmatched. Perfect for hit-and-run attacks with bombs, torpedoes, and rockets in Defend The Base.

HE162 A



Ju 87 Stuka (Dive Bomber)Edit

Fastest but weakest of all bombers.Evading legend/fighter are easier with this bomber.


The Stuka

Ju 87 D

Stronger weapon make this bomber one of the best in the bomber section.

Ju 87 A

IL 2 SturmovikEdit

Balanced bombers,faster but weaker than Val.


The IL-2 Sturmovik

IL 2 Sturmovik D

Faster and stronger than normal one.Best bomber.

Il 2 Sturmovik A

Aichi D3A (Val)Edit

Slowest of all bombers,But deal more damage than all bombers.


Aichi D3A D

Faster speed make this Val better.Beware it's still a nice prey due to it low speed.

Aichi D3A A


A6M ZeroEdit

A6M Zero

To Unlock: Complete Mission 2 of Asia-Pacific War Campaign

A6M Zero D

A modified Zero, it focuses more on firepower, sacrificing the structure's resistance and realiability for better machine guns.

To Unlock: Reach Rank Sergeant Third Class

A6M Zero A

This modified Zero boosts the hull's resistance and reliability, but sacrifices firepower in order to do so.

To Unlock: Reach Rank Sergeant Second Class


The Messerschmitt BF109 was the most produced fighter aircraft, about 34,000 aircrafts of this type were built. In the game it has similar stats to the Spitfire with a little bit less maneuverability and reliability

BF 109

==== BF109 D
The D variant has more firepower and speed but is less reliable and harder to handle. It features a "black tulip" color scheme on the nose, which is the symbol of the german pilot Erich Hartmann who was the most successfull fighter pilot of all times, shooting down 352 enemy aircraft. ====

==== BF109A
Heavy armor variant with less firepower and maneuverability. ====


The spitfire's manuverbility and firepower is brilliantly unleashed in dogfight missions and defending friendly base from attackers. The only downside is the awkward mix of two machine guns. If weapon hanger is purchased, then the Spitfire will be the perfect dogfighter, able to finish dogfight mission 11 with ease.


Spitfire D === Heavier weapon make this spitfire better.

Spitfire A Edit

P-51 Mustang Edit

The United States Army Air Corp's most effective fighter plane, dominate fighter over Europe. Popular in the game due to high speeds, great agility, good firepower.

P51 Mustang D Edit

Features the paint scheme of Maj George Preddy's aircraft.

Very popular in TDM and capture the flag due to it speed and damage

One of the most agile fighters both in game and in WW2 alike, the P-51 Mustang D has greater firepower however slightly less tolerance to damage but makes up for in amazing firepower, amazing agility, high speeds. This plane makes good über plane!

P51 Mustang A Edit

The rocket attack variant of the P-51 Mustang, great firepower, high speeds, sustains more damage however this variant is less agile but it is a top tier choice for its firepower and speed thus making it a great zoom and boom fighter!

F4U Corsair Edit

Balanced stats make this legend great in most situation.


F4U Corsair D Edit

Heavy damage variant. More useful and good for dogfight.

F4U Corsair A Edit

It can take more damage but make the damage and the speed lower.

P38 LightningEdit

P38 Lightning Stats

To Unlock: Reach Rank First Lieutenant

P38 Lightning D

This variant of the P38 Lightning improves firepower, at the cost of decreasing armour and maneuverability.

To Unlock: Reach Rank First Lieutenant

P38 Lightning A

For a decrease in firepower and agility, this version of the P38 Lightning has a stronger structure, along with better reliability.

To Unlock: Reach Rank First Lieutenant


The Yak-9 is usually flown only by experienced and rich pilots, most noobs will rage quit upon see this plane. It has the second best damage and second best maneuverability, Making it extremely diffcult but fun to fly. 90% of Yak-9's kills are at close range due to its agility, Pro players prefer to fire at close range and keep their opponent in a constant loop. 

Yak-9 new
Yak-9 stats

Yak-9 stats

Yak9 D
Heavy damage variant, very popular in defend the base game.

Yak9 A

Re 2005Edit

Low speed, good armor and firepower

Re 2005

Re 2005

Re 2005 A

Re 2005 D

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