Gamemodes Edit

Free for All Edit

All players fight against each other. The player with the most kills at the end wins.

Tactics Edit

Use all rounder planes with above average armor, you need to kill quickly before your target is stolen by somebody else and you are destroyed yourself, players are often ambushed by others since the chaos can confuse everyone.

Free Flight Edit

Players get to fly trough the maps freely and without enemy fire. Shooting at other players won't do anything, and crashing into the ground will not result in death.

Last man standing Edit

All players fight against eachother, but there is no respawning. The last player alive at the end wins.

Capture the flag Edit

Two teams of players compete to transfer the enemy flag back to their base. There are two flags, one for each team. If shot down while returning a flag, the flag will remain in the place where the flagholder got killed. The team with the most flags captured at the end wins.