If you want to play with people from the wiki, get recognized by others or you are just new to the wiki and want to introduce yourself, add your username here (and your gamertag/username, however you wanna call it from the game here, of course) and what gamemode is the best for you and what planes do you mostly use, everyone can put their name here, enjoy!

I mostly play Team Deathmatch and a bit of objective (Capture the Flag and such) the planes I mostly use are the Yak9 and the FW190 D, also I go on free flight if I just want to fly around and talk to people, good luck dominating the skies, Phantom out.

I play Team Death Match on Hard Mode to train me to become an Ace. I am very experienced at this game, and I use Focke-Wulf Fw 190 and Messerschmitt Bf-109.

I am far from an ace, but I can put up a decent fight. I use either a Spitfire or a Mosquito.

Well....yeah...I am the biggest noob in this game. I mostly use the spitfire,but hey,I do a lot of other stuff...

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